Revised Geneva-Score (Pulmonary embolism)

Additional Information

Score Description

The Geneva-Score (Revised) presents a scoring system to evaluate the clinical pretest probability of pulmonary embolism. Some physicians prefer the revised Geneva-Score because of its objectivity, since the Wells-Score is more subjective.


Risk variables Points
Age > 65 years 1
Previous DVT or PE 3
Surgery or fracture within 1 month 2
Active malignancy (currently active or considered cured < 1 year) 2
Unilateral lower limb pain 3
Hemoptysis 2
Pain on deep vein palpation of lower limb and unilateral edema 3
Heart rate 75–94/min 5
Heart rate > 94/min 4
Low probability 0–3 points
Intermediate probability 4–10 points
High probability ≥ 11 points

Further Reading

Le Gal G et al. Prediction of pulmonary embolism in the emergency department: the revised Geneva score. Ann Intern Med. 2006 Feb 7;144(3):165-71.