IPSS-Score (MDS)

Additional Information

Score Description

The IPSS -Score is a prognostic scoring system for myelodysplastic syndrome at diagnosis and without treatment; derived from a multivariate analysis of survival and freedom from progression to acute leukemia of 816 patients with de novo myelodysplastic syndrome. Medullary blasts % are taken from definition of WHO classification 2008 (MDS) rather then original publication, since ≥ 20 % blasts are corresponding to acute myeloid leukemia.


Prognostic variables 0 0.5 1 1.5 2
Medullary blasts (%) 0–4 5–10 11–20 21–30
Number of cytopenias 0–1 2–3
Cytogenetic risk group Low (normal karyotype, 5q-, 20q-, -Y) Intermediate (all other aberrations) High (complex karyotype ≥ 3 abnormalities, chromosome 7 anomalies)    
Low risk 0 points
Intermediate-I risk 0.5–1 points
Intermediate-II risk 1.5–2 points
High risk ≥ 2.5 points

Further Reading

Greenberg P et al. International scoring system for evaluating prognosis in myelodysplastic syndromes. Blood. 1997 Mar 15;89(6):2079-88.