IPSET-Thrombotic Risk Score (ET)

Additional Information

Score Description

The IPSET thrombosis model derives form multivariate analysis of 831 patients diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia  by WHO criteria within the preceding year, at one of seven centers. Most high-risk patients received cytoreductive therapy with hydroxyurea, anagrelide and busulfan, while most low-risk patients did not. Most patients received low-dose Aspirin. The model was validated in an external cohort of 329 patients.


Risk variables Hazard ratio Score Points
Age > 60 years 1.5 1
Cardiovascular risk factors 1.56 1
Previous thrombosis 1.93 1
JAK2V617F 2.04 1
Score Risk category Annual thrombosis risk
0–1 Low risk 1.03%
2 Intermediate risk 2.35%
≥ 3 High risk 3.56%

Further Reading

Barbui T, Finazzi G, Carobbio A, Thiele J, Passamonti F, Rumi E et al. Development and validation of an International Prognostic Score of thrombosis in World Health Organization-essential thrombocythemia (IPSET-thrombosis). Blood 2012; 12: 5128-33.